Each appication is a fully featured API, with it's own database to store your data.


Overview your applications, pin charts, view active users and many more on APILANE customizable dashboard.


Deploy and manage your applications on any of your servers through the same unique portal.


Share your apps with multiple collaborators.

User management

Users, roles, authentication, authorization and everything concerning user management made simple.


Set authentication token expiration and email confirmation


Allow new users to register to your application

User roles

Create unlimited user roles. Use it to authorize access to your data.


Use captcha on user login and/or user registration

Force single login

Allow or prevent users from being logged in from multiple devices


Data management

Tables, columns, foreign keys and everything about the database, are only a few clicks away.

Data Browser

Use Data Browser to navigate to the application data.

Change tracking

Application entities can be set to track changes (updates) in records.

File management

Upload any kind of files on your application repository.

Monitor files

Monitor size of files and users uploaded

Limit file size

Limit maximum file size


Email management

Fully customizable email templates for various API events.

SMTP settings

Setup SMTP of your choice

Confirm user email

Customize the template of email sent to conirm the user's email address

Reset user password

Customize the template of email sent to reset the user's password

Confirm email landing page

Set the landing page after user confirms the email address

Custom email templates

Create custom email templates and send to your users

Custom security

Fully customizable security across all aspects of an application.

Enable access to entities

Setup GET POST PUT DELETE access to specific entities

Enable access to entity properties

Security access on property level

User role access

Set access to application data depending on user roles

Allow confirmed email addresses

Setup if you wish to allow access only to users with confirmed email address

Allow or block IP addresses

Allow or block specific IP addresses

User registration

Enable or disable user registration


Statistics & Reports

Out of the box charts & grids to provide application data insights.

Line charts

Visualize data using line charts

Pie charts

Visualize data using pie charts

Data grids

Visualize data using custom data grids

Pin to dashboard

Pin selected reports to dashboard for better overview

User connections

Allow users to connect with each other, make friends, follow people and share records

Setup connection model

Select user connection model

Retrieve user connections

Out of the box social media-like features

Share records between users

Out of the box endpoints that allow users to share access to records


Custom API endpoints

Extend application API based on specific application needs.

Custom logic using custom code

Define custom application logic API endpoints

Test custom endpoints

Test your custom API endpoints and preview results

Customize access

Setup security access to your custom endpoints